Truck Dump: Here's What Randy Newberg Keeps in His Truck for Emergencies

Outfitting your hunting rig - your truck or vehicle - can be as important as outfitting yourself for a hunt. Here's a list of some of the essentials your hunting rig should have.

Well-known hunter Randy Newberg does a walk-through of his hunting truck, showing us all of the gear he makes sure that he carries for the kind of off-road, western states hunting that he does. Instead of a pack dump, you might call this a truck dump.

He emphasize: "Every hunter has special needs based on how he hunts." These are the things that he has added to his rig for his style of hunting. Your needs may be different.

"Understand that this truck needs to be a side-by-side utility vehicle; it needs to tow a big trailer; it needs to get me through deep snow, through nasty, terrible stuff," Newberg says. "So I gotta have something that is extremely capable in an off-road environment, but yet something that can go down the highway. Because I'm putting on 25,000 miles every fall."

Here's how Newberg outfits and stocks his 2015 Nissan Titan.

Starting with tires, Newberg switches those out right away to 10-ply tire that doesn't have an aggressive off-road tread because of all of the highway driving he does. It's a decent compromise.

He walks to the front of the vehicle and points out a "heavy duty, badass bumper" he had installed from Buckstop Truckware out of Oregon, as well as a WARN winch. Skid plates cover various areas underneath the truck, because, he says, "My theory is, if you buy a truck, you buy a truck to use it."

Other emergency situation items include:

  • jumper cables
  • extra towing strap
  • an ARE topper covers the bed of the truck
  • heavy snow chains
  • 2 hitches
  • 4-way lug wrench
  • shovel
  • 2 spare tires
  • ratchet come-along
  • hi-lift jack

Other personal incidentals include:

  • toilet paper
  • extra sets of gloves
  • EpiPen (for allergies)
  • trailer light adapter
  • electronics booster antenna and booster
  • water (5 gallon tank)
  • Gorilla tape and duct tape
  • tire plug kit
  • custom seat covers
  • baby wipes
  • snacks
  • head lamp
  • tire pressure gauge
  • electrical tape

Other commenters added items that they include as well:

  • chainsaw & axe
  • small air compressor
  • metric and standard wrench set
  • extra fluids
  • extra fuses and light bulbs
  • wood block for jack
  • extra flashlight and batteries
  • tarp
  • zip ties
  • first aid kit
  • bungee cords
  • fly rod
  • spare serpentine belt
  • knife
  • lighters

What other items do you carry in your hunting vehicle?

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