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Land Rover Defender – the Ultimate Camper Conversion [VIDEO]

Which is better for off-roading in the bush, the customized Land Rover Defender or the customized Toyota Land Cruiser?

Andrew White is a “noted authority of four-wheel drive and overland expeditions” and “the presenter of the TV shows, Four-Wheel Drive and 4WD-Take A Deep Breath.”

White takes a thorough and thoughtful look at a Land Rover Defender that was customized by South Africa car customization company Alu-Cab.

The Land Rover, dubbed “Icarus,” is built to be an exceptional off-road vehicle. White says, “The Icarus concept was to take a Land Rover Defender and turn it into the world’s most desirable light two or four person overland truck.”

A walk through of the Icarus reveals a number of interesting features, from car top pop-up bed to storage systems located throughout the vehicle. There’s no question that this is one cool survival truck.

White also compares the Icarus to his own custom designed Toyota Land Cruiser “Troopy”, also built by Alu-Cab, and judges which, in his opinion, is best. (You can see the development of White’s Troopy here.) He offers a well-thought and quite interesting opinion on the pros and cons of both vehicles.

Jeremy Bergh, of Alu-Cab, summarizes the Icarus: “So we took absolutely everything that we could find for off roading, and we put it on this car. And so here you have it, a fully rigged, fully customized Land Rover for the bush.”

It certainly has everything you might want in a survival vehicle, from sleeping area to accommodations for food storage, emergency and luxury camping, and with style to spare.

“They made it look like the most macho car in town,” laughs Bergh. “It is good for your ego when you drive it around, I’ve gotta say.”

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Land Rover Defender – the Ultimate Camper Conversion [VIDEO]