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Fishing Rods Manufactured with Passion and Quality [VIDEO]

“I do believe that every step is done with a degree of passion and care, because it’s all I ever wanted to do.” – Stephen Harrison

Paul Adams’ interviews Stephen Harrison, the man behind Harrison Advanced Rods , one of Britain’s top carp rod designers and builders.

We see the inner workings of Harrison Advanced Rods in this thoughtful and excellently produced short video. We also hear the thoughts of Stephen Harrison, his pride and love for the work he does in making some of the best fishing rods on the planet.

Adams said,

Harrison’s use very high spec. carbon fiber to produce a whole range of rods and blanks, from fly rods through to lure rods. I first came across their rods after stopping to chat to a guy fishing for bass on a welsh beach with lures, he was raving about it and after he let me throw a couple of lures with it I understood why. The rod just did its job in an effortless way almost like an extension of my arm, the lightness, action and the retrieve felt a bit something I should have always been doing.

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Fishing Rods Manufactured with Passion and Quality [VIDEO]