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How To Turn Your Daily Driver into an Adventuremobile


You can outfit your everyday vehicle into an adventuremobile all by yourself without breaking the bank.

Many of us may not be able to afford a prebuilt fully loaded off-road camper, but that need not stop us from enjoying some of the same luxuries of the high-end rigs, albeit in a more "rustic" manner.

Outside's Gear Guy Joe Jackson and his wife took their 2005 Honda Element and turned it into a scaled down, though still very practical and effective adventure camping rig. And they did it for a fraction of the price of a high-tech adventure camper.

Of course many of the items Jackson recommends are typical camping gear (water jugs, storage totes, portable stove, etc.). The rooftop tent is a somewhat unusual item and is something worth considering outfitting your vehicle with. See this article for the pros and cons of rooftop tents vs. ground tents.

Still, the idea is to think creatively and try to duplicate the features of high-tech campers for a fraction of the cost.

Jackson and his wife outfitted their vehicle for "just under $3,300". That's a heckuva lot cheaper than, say, an EarthCruiser that runs around $175k to $200k, or similar luxury adventure campers.

I would also suggest that you can go even further in upgrading and outfitting your very own daily driver-turned-adventuremobile. There are even more add-ons and builds that are worth considering to beef up your vehicle to help make it a more solid and dependable off-road camper.

For example, switching out your tires for heavy duty off-road tires, strengthening your bumper systems, adding a winch and Maxtrax vehicle recovery boards, and so on, can widen your location and environmental options considerably.

The following video article presents more modifications and upgrades for building your own adventuremobile.

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How To Turn Your Daily Driver into an Adventuremobile