Beavers Orchestrate Roadblock with Perfect Organization and Timing

A dangerous situation for passengers in a vehicle occurs when trees begin falling onto the road. Is it a natural disaster, or is it the work of nefarious beavers?

Of course it's not beavers! But this potentially dangerous and highly unusual situation has a humorous element to it (so long as no one was hurt). Can't you picture a gang of unruly tree-gnawing punk beavers all waiting for the signal to start desperately chewing the base of dozens of trees to effect this roadblock?

Hopefully these folks had a chainsaw, as dozens of hillside trees began falling on the road they were traveling. It was a close call, to be sure, but it's such an unusual scene that all you can do if you're in that car is thank your lucky stars and recount the tale to your friends later.

Obviously the rain had turned the hillside muddy, and it could no longer hold the tree roots in. And once one tree starting going down it caused a chain reaction.

It sounded like at least one pine tree struck the car, but everyone seemed none the worse for wear, other than getting a bit of a scare.

We don't know where this occurred but the people in the car sound like they might be speaking Russian (and taking the beaver storyline to the extreme, it stands to reasons that if beavers were indeed behind this then they would be speaking Russian too... perhaps the beaver equivalent of the Russian mob?).

Thankfully these folks had their camera rolling during their road trip so they could capture this intense scene. And thankfully no one was hurt, and they have a great story to tell.

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