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How to Skin a Beaver with Steve Rinella


Steve Rinella gives a quick tutorial on skinning a beaver in the round. It results in a beautiful fur, suitable for stretching and display...or selling.

Steve Rinella takes a small beaver and shows you how to properly skin it in this quick video tutorial. The animal is skinned in the round. It's really a special skinning method that is unique to the beaver, although it's not difficult to do.

First he cuts around the ankles and removes the feet. Then, he starts his center cut at the base of the tail and goes all the way up to the chin.

Next he cuts around the tail, and begins peeling and cutting the hide away from the carcass.

Finally, he's got the complete fur, which he'll stretch into a round shape. The old trappers used to stretch the hide around a willow hoop, but nowadays most trappers just tack it to a board.

It's the wooly fur beneath the longer guard hairs that make a beaver hide so luxurious and desirable.

As outdoorsmen we all need to support trapping as an honorable and wholesome outdoor pursuit. Trapping especially is under fire from the antis, with anti-trapping myths and propaganda par for the course with the anti-trapping crowd. Even if you don't trap, you should be a supporter of the trade.

Trappers and trapping are the backbone of the outdoor pursuits, helping kids and older folks alike stay connected to the wild, providing income, controlling animal populations, and supplying product to the fur industry.

Trapping is a way of life for a great many folks. Support and defend it whenever you can.

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How to Skin a Beaver with Steve Rinella