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Twisted Timber Treestands: Hunt Any Tree, Any Angle [VIDEO]

Twisted Timber Treestands allow you to hunt from previously inaccessible trees.

Have you ever done your preseason scouting, found a perfect spot to set your treestand for the season opener, but don't have the perfect tree where you need it to be?

Maybe a tree is in an ideal location but has too great a lean, or some twists and turns in the trunk that prevent safe installation of a stand. Right location, wrong tree.

You're left with finding a safer but less ideally-located tree.

Twisted Timber Treestands may have solved that problem once and for all.

The Twisted Timber Triple-Axis leveling Technology® allows you to install the treestand whether the tree is crooked or straight.

The technology the company uses allows the stand to be leveled and stabilized on three planes - horizontally, vertically and laterally -regardless of how crooked or leaning the tree may be.

The company also offers treestand accessories such as their unique Twisted Ladder, a 360-degree pivoting, leaning and tilting ladder.

The ladder is "designed on a pivoting ball, allowing you to position the ladder up crooked and twisted trees [and] comes with three 5-foot sections that ratchet securely to the tree..."

Twisted Timber currently has four models of treestand. They are relatively light-weight, ranging from around 10 to 17 pounds, depending on the model. The company list price for each stand runs between $180 and $200, although I have seen their Big Bruiser model listed in several online sources at around $150.

Treestand safety is a priority no matter what stand you use. Twisted Timber recommends viewing the treestand safety course before employing any treestand.

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Twisted Timber Treestands: Hunt Any Tree, Any Angle [VIDEO]