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Why the Israeli Bandage Must Be Part of Your First Aid Kit [VIDEO]

When seconds count, the Israeli Bandage is a must-have item that could save your life. 

Every year we hear accounts of hunters, hikers, and anglers finding themselves in some very bad, emergency situations.

Dealing with blood loss in an emergency situation is something every outdoorsman should be prepared for.

The Israeli Bandage could be the most vital emergency treatment item you have.

People get seriously injured from any number of traumatic incidents while in the great outdoors: Bear attacks, gunshot wounds, axe and knife mishaps, falls and even vehicle accidents on the way to or from wilderness areas create medical emergencies where treatment needs to be fast and effective.

The Israeli Battle Dressing (IBD), or Israeli Bandage, is an item created to staunch blood flow from traumatic hemorrhage wounds. It is a uniquely designed emergency sterile pressure wrap that can be applied to just about any part of the body, including the head and torso.

The bandage was also designed to be self-applied and secured with one hand by the injured person.

The Israeli Bandage design incorporates a patented “pressure bar” through which the elastic wrap is fed and then reversed in direction, and wrapped around the injured area, creating significantly more direct pressure than can be applied with traditional one-way wrapping techniques.

A second “closure bar” is located near the end of the wrap and functions as both an easily adjustable yet secure closure to the bandage, but also as an effective tourniquet should the situation call for additional pressure to stop all blood flow.

Designed by an Israeli Defence Forces medic, the IBD is manufactured in Israel for U.S. and other international military forces. It has also become a standard item for many non-military emergency medical agencies.

There are several online vendors where Israeli Bandages may be purchased. Israeli First Aid is a source located in Israel, and their website includes two additional instructional videos on how the bandages work and how they are applied in different situations.

No one expects to find themselves or any of their party in an emergency medical situation. But knowing what to do in such scenarios and being prepared with the right equipment is vital to coming out of a bad situation alive or in good shape.

Israeli Bandages are, in my opinion, absolutely must-have medical items. They’ve proven their worth in actual battle conditions. It only makes sense to be prepared with equipment that works. Get yourself some and learn how to use them before your next outing into the backcountry.

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Why the Israeli Bandage Must Be Part of Your First Aid Kit [VIDEO]