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Video: 15 of Demolition Ranch's Best and Craziest Gun Videos

Here are Demolition Ranch's craziest videos.

Matt Carriker, also known as YouTuber Demolition Ranch, has built one of the most popular firearms channels on the site. A big reason for his success is some of the crazy things he tries in his videos.

In no particular order, (with the exception of number one) here are 15 of the wildest things he's done in recent years.

15. Playing billiards with guns

It wasn't enough to just play pool normally, so he had to introduce firearms into the equation to make the most dangerous game of pool anyone has ever played.

14. How far will a .500 magnum fly?

If you've watched Matt's channel for a while, you know he has no love lost for the .500 magnum. Yet, he keeps making crazy videos like this for his fans.

13. Triple double shotgun

Most people would be happy with one DP 12 shotgun, but not Demolition Ranch. He mounts three together to make the world's most ridiculous shotgun.

12. Drill-bit shotgun shells

For a while, he was really into testing different kinds of shotgun loads. It really doesn't get much more ridiculous than using drill bits!

11. .50 BMG

Matt loves his .50 BMG. It makes appearances in his videos often. This classic video has him testing the gun's power.

10. Golf ball cannon.

While Matt likes standard firearms, he is also a fan of the unusual. And that's exactly what this crazy golf ball cannon is.

9. Computer hard drives bulletproof?

Sometimes he answers the questions you never knew needed answering, such as whether or not computer hard drives are bulletproof.

8. Living room gun range

This one was just nuts. Matt waits until his wife and kids are out to turn the living room into a shooting range. This one was a bit scary.

7. Completely trashing a Hi-Point

Matt bought a cheap Hi-Point pistol and hated it, so he set out to destroy it. The gun amazingly defied all of his initial attempts!

6. Paddling a boat...with guns

Some of his experiments have gotten downright weird. Trying to paddle a boat with guns is a perfect example.

5. Homemade exploding arrows

We shouldn't need to say it, but this one falls squarely into the "do not try this at home" category.

4. Testing a gun safe's toughness

A company sent Matt a tough gun safe, and instead of using it for its intended purpose, he obviously just shoots it.

3. Are legos bulletproof?

You've likely never asked this, but we're getting the answer in this video.

2. Can cannon AR attachement

This one fits under the odd firearm modifications category. He tests out a modification that shoots cans and tennis balls out of an AR.

1. Shooting his truck with a tank

Was there any question what number one would be? When it was time for a new vehicle, he didn't just sell off his old one. No, he totally destroyed it in a way not many others can claim!

There you have it. We've certainly enjoyed being along for the ride. We look forward to seeing what he comes up with next!