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Demolition Ranch Takes on One Tough Gun Safe

one tough gun safe

A gun safe needs to be tough to secure the weapons and valuables inside.

Is this gun safe tougher than Demolition Ranch's heavy weaponry?

Liberty Safe donated one very tough monolithic gun safe to the YouTuber who creates the Demolition Ranch videos. Well, of course he's going to shoot it.

Shotgun slugs are shrugged off by this tough gun safe. Next, rifle calibers are tried out. The 7.62 Nato could not get through. The heavy .45/70 with hot loads just dented it. Then it's time to try the massive .50 BMG cartridge...

As you can probably guess, the .50 BMG made it all the way through the gun safe with some shots. The gun safe held fast and never did open. Any burglar would have quite a time getting into this gun safe, even with heavy firepower.

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Demolition Ranch Takes on One Tough Gun Safe