Video: How Well do Legos Work for Stopping Bullets?

How do legos stand up to bullets?

At this point, the lego phenomenon has seeped into every aspect of popular culture, even the outdoors. Not only have we seen people build full-size travel trailers with these little plastic bricks, but we've also seen them used as ammo in shotgun shells and specialty sling shots.

But oddly enough, we can't recall anyone just shooting a bunch of them to see how they stand up to bullets. Until now, that is. And somehow, we're not surprised it's Demolition Ranch conducting the test.

"These all just got exploded and threw chunks everywhere."

There you have it, a great scientific analysis from Matt. Quite frankly, we're surprised it took this long for him to do a test like this one, seeing as everything else involving lego bricks seems to have been done already.

But there you have it, large numbers of the larger, packed-together pieces could definitely work as some make-shift armor against small arms if you were desperate. Let's just hope you're never in a situation where that's your only option!