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Who Wants to Go Camping in a Full-Size Lego Travel Trailer?

lego travel trailer
Images via Guinness World Records

Would you go camping in a full-size travel trailer made of legos?

Legos are more popular than ever these days. It seems like at least once a month I see some new creation online that's more amazing than the last.

Well, this full-size teardrop lego travel trailer with fully functioning electricity and running water may top them all!


Built of 215,158 bricks, by the professional Lego building team Bright Bricks based out of the U.K., this lego travel trailer obviously holds the world record for largest caravan built with legos. When seen at a distance next to one of the real ones, it's hard to tell them apart!


The table folds down to serve as the bed area, complete with lego brick pillows!


They even detailed the fridge and added food items made of the bricks.


This awesome creation took 12 weeks and over 1,000 hours to bring to life in the Bright Bricks studio. What an insane amount of creativity and attention to detail!

When I was a kid, I built a travel trailer out of legos before, but I feel I should hang my head in shame for how mine compared to this masterpiece.



I don't know about you, but I would totally spend a night camping in this thing, just to say that I did. I would probably bring some real food and a pad to put on the table that folds down for a bed. I can't imagine that lego mattress and pillows as being all that comfortable!

Images via Guinness World Records

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Who Wants to Go Camping in a Full-Size Lego Travel Trailer?