How to Weaponize Lego Bricks, Besides Leaving Them on the Floor

Lego bricks have now been weaponized.

Joerg Sprave, also known as the Slingshot Channel guy on Youtube is always coming up with the craziest homemade weapons.

It was probably just a matter of time before he found a way to use legos as ammo. Yes, really. Check out his slick new lego gun. In usual fashion, he puts it through a battery of tests and really showcases the slick design of this thing.

As Joerg says, let him show you its features!

This guy always cracks me up. What an imagination. And the stuff he makes always appears to be so well-made. This isn't the first time he's made toys into a real weapon. But we'd expect nothing less from the guy who built an 8-shot revolving air bow prototype or a fully-automatic crossbow. Oh, and don't forget the time he made a slingshot out of his beard hair!

Joerg's turning lego bricks into ammo may make it the cruelest form of ammo ever. While it certainly wouldn't kill anyone, it really looks like even just the bricks would be painful.

And unlike most ammo, even the pieces that miss are still dangerous after the fact to anyone dumb enough to wander by barefoot! Nice job Joerg, we look forward to seeing what crazy contraption you'll build next!