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Check Out This Crazy 8-Shot Air Bow Revolver

air bow

This gatlin/airbow/crossbow hybrid is crazy-looking!

YouTuber JoergSprave has built quite the following and reputation online for building some absolutely crazy sling shots and unique arrow-shooting weapons. This one may top them all.

He calls this prototype air bow an "arrow gun revolver," and it's perhaps his wildest creation yet. Get ready for a new category of weaponry that's not quite fit for archery season... yet.

If you think the airbow in this video is strange, remember, this is the same guy who once made a slingshot out of his beard hair! I say kudos to him, you certainly can't accuse the man of lacking in imagination! That's one of the fun things about the internet these days. People can really be creative and do some wacky experimenting.

And let's face it, throughout history, many major weapons innovations have come from this kind of experimentation. He's got our attention, so we'll be very curious to see how this experiment actually performs when he gets it completed!

We're used to seeing things like the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow or a precharged pneumatic (PCP) from Crosman or Gamo. A compound bow couldn't stand up to those, but it wouldn't compare to this revolver, either! Couldn't say how well it would do against American big game animals, but it would be interesting to see it shoot some full-length arrows with some full-power shots! What would the kill range even be?!

Should you put this airgun/bow/revolver on your wishlist?


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Check Out This Crazy 8-Shot Air Bow Revolver