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Making Hasbro Toys into Serious Weapons [VIDEO]

Hasbro toys came out with a toy bow after the popular "Hunger Games" franchise. JoergSprave tested its true weapon capabilities. 

The Hasbro Nerf bow was released after the popularity of the "Hunger Games" movies. It is a toy bow and arrow that shoots Nerf arrows with a strong rubber band.

JoergSprave made the toy into a serious weapon.

The Hasbro toy is quite realistic, even having a sighting system. But it's still a toy and shoots Nerf arrows that won't harm anyone.

"Let's see if we can change that!" says YouTuber JoergSprave.

JoergSprave replaces the toy arrows with his homemade aluminum projectiles.

He then finagles the bow to tighten the string and soon makes it into a killing machine.

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Making Hasbro Toys into Serious Weapons [VIDEO]