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Video: This Golf Ball Cannon Just Looks Like Too Much Fun


This golf ball cannon packs a punch!

Demolition Ranch often buys some rather interesting weapons and tests them out in his videos. However, this golf ball cannon may be the most unique thing he's bought yet.

Despite Matt's somewhat-out-there claims of why he needs this thing, we're not sure it has a practical purpose. Well, other than looking like a whole lot of fun that is!

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time he's tested a weapon that fires golf balls. The damage this thing does surprised even us. Consider how much a golf ball will bounce on a hard surface and then watch the part with the cinder blocks again. It makes you wonder just how fast that ball was moving when it hit those blocks.

We'll definitely be watching for more videos of Matt using this rather interesting weapon in the future. It may not have a real practical purpose, but it sure seems like it make for a fun day out on the range!


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Video: This Golf Ball Cannon Just Looks Like Too Much Fun