World War II Veteran
YouTube: National Geographic

WWII Veteran Rides in the Same Plane He Jumped Out of on D-Day

This vet's story will inspire you!

Looking for a little inspiration to kick start your day? Look no further. Les Cruise, a 92-year-old D-Day veteran, relives his experiences as a member of the 82nd Airborne Division in this short film by National Geographic. The story he has to tell is really nothing short of incredible and will help you appreciate the little things in your day just a little more.

An amazing 72 years after he helped liberate France in World War II, the Purple Heart paratrooper rides on the same type of plane again, this time with his children and grandchildren there to share the experience.

Go ahead, try and keep a dry eye through the whole thing.

Cruise is one of the few surviving veterans who made their way into the legendary battles at Normandy via parachute. It's great that the stories of soldiers like this are being captured while there is still a chance. Because there are not many of them left to tell us what it was really like. Leaping behind enemy lines like that had to be a terrifying experience, but thousands of men like Cruise did it anyway. For that bravery, we thank them.

The beginning of Cruise's story is pretty sad, as he was abandoned and raised in an orphanage. However, it's amazing to see how life turned out for him after the war. It's a great feel-good story and it sounds like a feature-length movie could be made about this guy's life! Keep in mind his story is just one of thousands of stories of Veterans who went to serve our nation. This makes us wonder what other untold stories are out there?

Cruise is the very definition of an American hero. Thank you for your service and for inspiring us today!

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