Video: A Fascinating Inside Look at the Mechanics of a 100-Year Old Battleship

Here are the inner workings of a battleship's main gun up close.

There is no doubt about it. Battleships carry some of the biggest guns humanity has ever come up with. But very rarely does one get a close-up look at the inner workings of these huge guns.

Well, Demolition Ranch and Lunkers TV got a special, behind-the-scenes tour of the USS Texas. It's a fascinating look into areas most of the tourists probably don't see.

You might be surprised at how familiar-looking some of the inner workings are. Stick around after their tour as they get up to some zany drone-shooting hijinks with some authentic WWII weapons.

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I did a little research on the USS Texas and it turns out this 105-year-old ship pretty much saw it all during her service career. She served in both the first and second World Wars. In WWII, she saw action at both Normandy AND Imo Jima! Talk about a war veteran!

It is pretty cool to see how firearms technology remains pretty similar no matter the size. Although today's battleships probably use more sophisticated systems. One thing is for sure, these old ships weren't built with the comfort of the sailors in mind! The history behind this old ship is fascinating. Thanks for the inside look at this cool warship Matt and Rob!