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Video: Have You Ever Heard of a Sleeping Bag in a Can?

sleeping bag

Have you ever seen anything like this?

Back in the 1940s and 1950s, it seemed like you could find just about anything in a can. If you need further proof of that, the Crazy Russian Hacker found a very unique vacuum-packed sleeping bag in a sealed can on eBay.

To one's surprise, he wasn't content with just the can as a unique conversation piece. He decided to open it to see what it looks like. You don't get to see a Cold War relic like this freshly opened can everyday.

It seems the Red Scare had the U.S. Government and many others packing just about anything they could think of in a can to help preserve it in the event of a nuclear war.

I agree with him; it looks like this sleeping bag would be just a bit too short for me. It's still cool to see, though. And the condition shows why it made perfect sense to pack everything in a can. This sleeping bag was still in perfect shape after more than 60 years!


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Video: Have You Ever Heard of a Sleeping Bag in a Can?