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Wyoming's Largest Poaching Case in History Leads to Jail Time, $250K Fine

Officials are calling this the largest animal wasting case in modern U.S. history.

In yet another case of poaching, a Wyoming man has been sentenced to jail time and restitution fees after illegally killing deer.

According to a report from the Sheridan Press, Gregg Lambdin was sentenced to nine months of jail time and $254,000 in restitution after being convicted of 11 counts of wanton destruction of a big-game animal in the 4th Judicial District Court Thursday.

Once Lambdin is released from the Sheridan County Detention Center, his plea agreement requires him to complete a year of supervised probation.

Defense attorney Jeremy Kisling presented a $254,000 check to cover Lambdin's costs for restitution and fines.

Following a two-month investigation back in November of 2018, Wyoming Game and Fish Department officials found one antelope and 113 whitetail deer carcasses on Lambdin's property, 36 of which showed evidence of being shot. Charges were filed in February of 2019.

Lambdin was charged $4,000 in restitution for each of the 36 deer and an additional $110,00 in fines.

"We do not keep records for penalties in poaching cases, but I cannot remember a case brought against a defendant that resulted in fines, restitution and jail time of this magnitude," WGFD Sheridan regional wildlife supervisor Craig Smith said in a press release. "It is likely the largest poaching case in Wyoming history in terms of penalties against a single individual."

In a statement to the court, Lambdin tried to express his remorse for actions, and apologized to the entire Sheridan community, claiming he's spent most of his life managing "internal turmoil" from emotional, sexual and physical abuse he endured as a child.

While he pointed to his traumatic childhood as the reason for his poor decisions, he didn't attempt to excuse his actions, and sought counseling as soon as the case went public, according to the Sheridan Press.