living room gun range
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No Backyard? How About a Living Room Gun Range?

If you don't have space outside or if you just don't feel like braving the elements, you can always build a living room gun range.

If you are one of those people who wants the ability to fire off a few rounds, no matter what the weather outside is doing, then you're going to love this latest Demolition Ranch. Of course, it is incredibly dangerous... but if you've always had the dream of building a living room gun range you can see how it would actually play out.

Of course, it's always easier to build a "safe" gun range in your living room when you have a ton of bulletproof plates laying around. Of course you could always make your own and then it would be custom-molded to suit your needs, but honestly, no matter what you put into it, if you only have the steel plates, there are always going to be bullet fragments flying around that will make this an unsafe practice.

Please remember, this is not a challenge to build a living room gun range. This is an example of what could go deadly wrong if you try something like this and it doesn't work out as well as this one.

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