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Drill Bit Shotgun Shells, Anyone?

drill bit shotgun shells

These are some wicked-scary looking shotgun loads!

People are trying everything that will fit as shotgun loads these days. So, really, it was just a matter of time before someone finally tried drill bits.

Watch as Demolition Ranch tests out the effectiveness of several different types of drill bit shotgun shells.

While it doesn't appear the drill bit shotgun shells give much in the way of penetration, they do have a huge pattern. I'm not sure if they'd be deadly, but I don't think there's any doubt about one of these shells ruining your day if you were to get hit!

Because the barrel has to be removed just to get these shells to fit, I doubt you'll be seeing widespread use of these anytime soon.

A very interesting experiment for sure. At least now we know it is possible to use drill bits as a scary shotgun load. Thanks Demolition Ranch, for showing us there is no end to ideas for crazy, experimental shotgun rounds!

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Drill Bit Shotgun Shells, Anyone?