10 Snakes Wearing Hats, Because Pet Owners Are a Little Crazy

We get it: snakes are not everybody's cup of tea. But these 10 snakes with hats might change your opinion on our slithery reptile friends.

Okay look, as passionate pet owners, we can be the first ones to admit it: us pet parents are just a little, um, crazy when it comes to our pets. Trust us, we've seen it all: a fun 'cuss collar' that translates your dog's bark into swear words; some mail-order dog macarons (because your dog is oh-so-fancy!); and a dog umbrella for your pampered pooch; among many others — there's even a pair of socks that keep your feet toasty warm AND looks like cat paws!

But what is it about seeing tiny animals in tiny items of clothing (like tiny hats!) that immediately turns us all into mush? We don't really know, but what we do know is it's definitely a welcome sight any time of the week, well ever really! With that, we present you these 10 pictures of snakes in hats, where we are pretty sure their cuteness can turn you, and anybody on social media, into fans of the leg-less reptile. You can thank us later!

1. This cowboy hat means there's one sss-heriff in town.

2. A Ball Python in a beanie is all we want for Christmas.

3. I guess dragons really do exist?

4. Any snake in a party hat must be the life of the party!

5. We present: "Slither Moon"

6. Sss-santa is comin' to town.

7. 'Robin Hood' is just who we want to save the day.

8. Pet snakes in sss-sombreros? Olé!

9. It doesn't get any cuter than a snake in a top hat, does it?

10. One thing's for sure: snakes in hats (like this Boa!) are the best!


Here's a bonus: check out this Canadian crested gecko sure to make you go haha!

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