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This Hilarious Dog Collar Says Cuss Words When Your Dog Barks

Does your yappy fur baby need some command to let them know that their barking is too loud? Well, it looks like we've found the perfect collar for your pet. The Cuss Collar will say a swear word every time your dog barks. It's for giggles only, don't worry. It's not for anti-bark training use, but it sure is hilarious.

The Cuss Collar is quite the gag gift. Does your best friend's dog bark at every single move? MSCHF created the perfect dog collar for the dog who has to get the last bark in at the dog park. I think this fake training collar will get some laughs out of some strangers.

Watch this video! When the speaker catches the dog's barks, it sends out a cuss word.

The f-bomb will always be a little funny to many of us. Dog owners can't stop laughing at this trending product. According to, this is a limited-edition product. Hopefully, they will restock soon! Surely they're surprised with how viral this product has become.

Check out the company's website for the Cuss Collar. This collar doesn't have a shock/vibration. If you are looking for an anti-barking device, visit Amazon. It seems like the Cuss Collar will fit comfortably around your dog's neck.

I bet all of us have hoped for some collar that would translate our dog's barks into words someday. This is what 2020 gives us? Honestly, I'm not complaining, though. This collar is hilarious and made my day!

If Cuss Collar does decide to restock, I'll have to get my hands on one to save as a gag gift. I'm the big jokester of the family, and I love gifting my loved ones silly gifts. Imagine putting this collar on the family dog at Christmas dinner. It would be too funny!

For more hilarious products, check out MSCHF's bath bombs. They're in the shape of a toaster. Or, check out their Google Chrome Extension that makes it look like you're on a conference call when really you're watching a Netflix movie. (About dogs, of course).

This post was originally published on February 19, 2020.

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