Wait 'Til You See the LIttle House This Girl Created for Her Chicks

Every flock needs a farmer as dedicated as this little girl.

Her family of chicks needed a place to live, and she came up with a creative solution. While most little girls are using their playsets for what they're made for (playing), she got hers out of the house for a different purpose. When all the shelves and drawers were emptied of her toys, she got down to business to make the perfect coop for her feathered friends.

She stuffed every shelf, cupboard, and cubby with comfy straw and let the chicks make themselves at home. When her mom came around to see what she was doing, she couldn't help but be impressed. There are three chicks sitting snugly in the sink and two more hidden away in an upper cabinet. When her mom asks about the microwave, the little girl pulls open the door to reveal another chick enjoying some privacy. On the back of the playset, a pretend BBQ grill was remodeled to be yet another area for the chicks to live and nest.


This young farmer used the materials at hand to make her chicks comfortable, and her mom thinks she has a great future as a compassionate farmer. The key to creating a homemade chicken coop is to make it both cozy for the chickens and safe. There needs to be enough nest boxes and roosts to go around, and the coop should be at least partially shaded. Ventilation is important for health purposes, and a place where the birds can dust bathe is a welcome addition.


A chicken coop made out of a children's playset proves nearly anything can be retrofitted for farming purposes. Homemade chicken coops are made out of wood pallets, old dog houses, garden sheds, and nearly everything else. We're looking forward to seeing what ideas this innovative girl comes up with next.

Whether it's a repurposed kids playhouse, jungle gym, play fort or wooden playset this young girl has the right idea! Her new chicken coop needs some hardware cloth so predators cannot enter so I'm sure her parents guided her in this direction! Backyard chicken coops can be anything you can put your mind to even this play structure!

Don't forget elements like tire swings or a swing set as you'd be stunned how much hens like those! Even an old swing set is just fine and does the trick. These hen house DIY projects are so inspiring.

Do you have a creative chicken coop idea? Let us know in the comments.

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