Amber King

Amber King shared her childhood home in rural Pennsylvania with an unruly herd of chickens, turkeys, cockatiels, dogs, and more cats than she could count. Today, her home in Honolulu, Hawaii is run by a rescued Rhodesian Ridgeback named Copper that is always on the move. Rescuing Copper inspired Amber to use her B.A. in professional writing to write about topics that truly matter to her. Whether they’re big, small, furry, or feathery, Amber loves all animals and uses her writing to share ideas, stories, and knowledge about animal-related topics. She writes for various pet-related websites and magazines, and her blog, Hello, Hawaii, is a never-ending story of all the adventures that she shares with Copper. She will eventually return to her rural roots and fill a farm with as many furry friends as her husband will allow, but for now, she’s enjoying life in Hawaii with Copper working as a freelance writer and writing for Wide Open Pets. Contact her by emailing [email protected]