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Watch: Blind Golden Retriever Birthday Party Is More a Celebration of Life

This Golden Retriever birthday party truly has everything. Do you celebrate your dog's birthday? We certainly hope so! We have done birthday celebrations for our dogs for as long as I can remember. This video is of Sunshine Blue and the credit is "Sunshine Blue Blind & Blessed" as this party is for a dog born without eyes.

This wonderful family got together for a very special party. A group of seven Golden Retrievers gathered around to celebrate their blind brother's birthday.

The YouTube description tells the story:

"Karen Grubb Weatherbie and her group of gorgeous Goldens donned their party hats and enjoyed some ice cream as Sunny Blue turned three-years-old on June 17.

With the whole family there in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, they burst out into a huge rendition of 'happy birthday' as Sunny Blue grinned happily.

Karen said: "Sunny Blue was born without eyes, but he's a gorgeous dog."

I'm not sure I've seen happier dogs gathered around the table before during the birthday song.

Video courtesy New York Post. 

We brainstormed 5 ways to celebrate your dog's birthday!

  1. The celebration can be a nice, long walk: This celebration could be really simple - take your four-legged buddies for a special walk at their favorite park. You could also get together with some other dog friends or go for a ride in the car!
  2. Feel blessed to live with a dog: There is nothing better than celebrating your gratitude for your life with your dog. Enough said.
  3. Take a ton of pictures: Let this day be the one day you take too many pictures of your dog! Afraid of being "that dog mom or dad" - do it anyway... celebrate with too many pics and post them all and scream from the rooftops it was your dog's special day!
  4. Annual exam: Have you scheduled your annual exam and wellness visit with your Veterinarian? Preventive care is so important.
  5. Something above and beyond your normal routine: Anything you've been thinking about doing for enrichment then now is the time to get the ball rolling -use this milestone as the reason to book that dog massage appointment for example

Tell us about the birthdays you've thrown for your dog? Tell us in the comments below!

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