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Happy Birthday, Dog! 5 Unique Yet Genius Birthday Gifts To Celebrate Your Bond

Why should you celebrate dog birthdays? What's so important about the bond between us and man's best friend? The history of our relationship with dogs is fascinating. We have been relying on them to guard our land and protect our livestock for a long time, almost 14,000 years, in fact!

You must celebrate your best friend's birthday every year. I don't always get a cake and we don't always wear birthday hats but we do something special for our three hounds every year. 

The 5 Fun Ways to Celebrate

Dog Birthday

Christy Caplan

  1. The celebration can be a nice, long walk: This celebration could be really simple - take your four-legged buddies for a special walk at their favorite park. You could also get together with some other dog friends or go for a ride in the car!
  2. Feel blessed to live with a dog: There is nothing better than celebrating your gratitude for your life with your dog. Enough said.
  3. Take a ton of pictures: Let this day be the one day you take too many pictures of your dog! Afraid of being "that dog mom or dad" - do it anyway... celebrate with too many pics and post them all and scream from the rooftops it was your dog's special day!
  4. Annual exam: Have you scheduled your annual exam and wellness visit with your Veterinarian? Preventive care is so important.
  5. Something above and beyond your normal routine: Anything you've been thinking about doing for enrichment then now is the time to get the ball rolling -use this milestone as the reason to book that dog massage appointment for example

Now for the birthday bash! Here are five unique, yet genius birthday gifts for you to give your four-legged friend during that "special" occasion.

1. ZippyPaws - Birthday Cake Squeaky Dog Toy with Soft Stuffing

How cute would this be at a dog birthday party? A soft, chewable toy for the birthday boy! Available for $7.40. 

2. Claudia's Canine Gourmet Happy Birthday Dog Treats - Hard Cookie Snacks

This is the perfect gift for your dog and all his friends. IF he shares then he'll immediately have the reputation as the party dog. This is a wonderful birthday gift and available for $13.79. 

3. ZOOniq Dog Birthday Boy Bandana with Paw Print Party Cone Hat and 10 Balloons 

This dog birthday set contains the perfect outfit and decoration for your furry friend. Check out the party hat! This gift has a 27" birthday bandana, a paw print birthday hat, and as a bonus 10 paw print balloons with 200" silver ribbon for decoration. Available for $11.99. 

4. Crunchkins Edible Crunch Card, Birthday Spoiled Rotten Dog

Yes! We included a dog card, of course. This 100 percent natural rawhide "crunch card" is made from water-based ink. There is even a mailing envelope included. This card has some funny birthday wishes so you must take a few pics! (clearly...) Available for $5.99. 

5. Dog Birthday Cake Kit 

This a great DIY way to celebrate the love you have for your best friend. The cake is wheat free and completely all natural. Available for $19.99. 

And while this didn't make the list, you can also buy Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix for Dogs in Candy Cane (Peppermint Flavor)! 

How do you celebrate your dog's birthday? Do you have a party with friends or buy gifts? Please leave us a comment!

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