5 Facts About Crested Geckos for New Pet Owners

Crested geckos are one of the world's most popular reptiles! They are perfect for those who want a pet they can handle, and they require minimum care. We found a ton of YouTube videos about this reptile and there are a ton of pet enthusiasts that want to show off their geckos.

Crested geckos are originally from New Caledonia.

1. They don't need insects every day!


They don't need insects every day! They need a fruit mix which we outline below. Many reptiles require a daily variety of insects but not these guys!

All the experts talk about a few different feeding options. Crested geckos feed on both fruit and insects in the wild. Pangea and Repashy fruit mixes offer a tailored and excellent staple for these geckos. It's stored as a powder,  and it can be mixed with water in a squeeze bottle and offered in a small plastic feeding cup.

2. Their tails don't grow back

These tails don't grow back! Crested geckos may drop their tails if handled roughly or to attempt to get away, but unlike other geckos, they will not regenerate their tails.

3. They come in a variety of colors and patterns

The video below shows a lot of different types. There are SO many.

  • Lifespan: 10-20 years
  • Adult size: 4 to 4.5 inches snout-to-vent length, and 8 inches in total length

I love this video from Dāv Kaufman's Reptile Adventures YouTube channel and it's fabulous!

4. A great candidate for folks that are just beginning 


They're easy to care for as they're "room temperature" pets, and you don't need supplemental heat and UV lights like Beardies. They're nocturnal reptiles, too.

They are fine in a 20-gallon tank. Some people even use paper towels as a substrate. Joshfrogs.com tells us that a single crested gecko adult or pair can be housed in a 20-gallon tank or 18 x 18 x 18 terrarium.

"Keeping crested geckos together in an enclosure before they're adults can be a tricky business for the inexperienced keeper: we do not recommend housing young crested geckos together as they can be territorial and aggressive towards one another; even juveniles and subadults can display aggression towards one another."

5. Crested geckos are originally from New Caledonia

Crested Geckos are native to southern New Caledonia, an island chain just east of Australia, and their name comes the small projections on their head and top of their eyes, which also earned them the nickname "Eyelash Geckos."

"Crested Geckos have since become unavailable for export, but this hardy and rewarding species has become so successful in captivity that they are one of the most widely kept geckos today."

A brief summary for readers!

  • Don't forget about live plants and branches as they like to climb.
  • Crested gecko care is low maintenance compared to Beardies but do your research.
  • Experts all recommended the crested gecko diet we referenced in this story so research that option but it seems like the best brand. Crested gecko food seems super low maintenance.
  • Snacks like mealworms and waxworms are OK.
  • Always have a clean water bowl in their enclosure.
  • Pet stores are a good resource and bring in a list of questions so you can get hands-on advice while you look at some geckos.
  • They're nocturnal so will be super active at night time which is super fun if you're a night owl.
  • Coconut fiber is a great substrate so add this to your list of essentials.
  • You can also consider the leopard gecko too if the crested gecko isn't your fave. Gargoyle geckos are also cool as are eyelash geckos.
  • They have a semi-prehensile tail.

There are many Gecko care sheets online that go into detail on these pet lizards and how to care for your new pet. A few of these tips that stood out include always having a water dish available, feeder insects should be dusted with a multivitamin, and morphs are color and pattern combinations. Don't forget a quality misting system regardless of the species of gecko you have living with you.

Crickets and roaches are also a staple part of their diet.

Do you live with a gecko? What essentials did we miss? Please leave us a comment below!

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