5 Reasons Pet Snakes Are Fantastic Companions

With regular handling, snakes can actually be quite tame and make good pets. If you're a reptile lover, read on for five reasons why you should consider pet snakes.

If you've been thinking about being a newbie snake owner and keeping this pet reptile for the first time, you should probably stick to one of these beginner snakes as your first snake: such as the Corn Snake, the California Kingsnake, Rosy Boas, Gopher Snakes, or the Ball Python. As with any new pet, make sure to really do your homework before bringing an animal (let alone an exotic animal like a snake!) into a new home! Here are five reasons why they make great pets.

1. Snakes are Low Maintenance

Compared to your typical dog or cat, snakes are considerably easy to take care of. Care requirements are low: no walks needed, their feed can be purchased at most pet stores in the United States, and there's no need for grooming — only simple husbandry is needed for these guys!

2. Snakes are Easy to House

A step to keeping the best pet snakes happy is just by giving them a cozy habitat. Snakes don't need much: just a well-heated terrarium where these carnivores can eat, sleep, shed their skin, and do all the basking they can do will usually do the trick.

Pro tip: snakes are escape artists, so make sure to keep your terrarium secure!

3. Snakes Love to be Handled

While some species like the Carpet Python, the Rainbow Boa, and the Smooth Green Snake (these are also a popular candidate in the illegal pet trade, due to their rarity as captively-bred) generally don't like being handled for a long time, there are many snakes, like the Rat Snake and Kenyan Sand Boas, that are comfortable with being handled, some even love it, especially if handled since young.

4. Snakes are Docile Pets

Contrary to what people might normally believe, these slithery creatures are actually pretty docile. These reptiles really don't do much: they are happy to just chill in their terrarium, occasionally eat a few "pinkies" (these are live or frozen new-born mice fed to snakes and other reptiles), or just interact with you!

5. Snakes Make Good Pets for Families

If no one in your family is squeamish, snakes can be a good choice for a family pet. Whether it's feeding your snake, or even watching hatchlings being born, taking care of pet reptiles like geckos and snakes can be a good bonding experience with your family.

The average pet snake has an expected lifespan of over 20 years.

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