35 Rat Puns All Your 'Mouseketeers' Will Love

Rat Puns: Who even knew this was a thing? Well, did you know that rats are super clean? They immediately clean something off their fur if it gets dirty! Here are other fun facts if you're on the fence about owning and caring for a pet rat:

  • Rats are smart
  • This small pet is known to be empathetic
  • They make lifelong bonds with their owners!

These points clearly sold us and while some people think of rats as pests others consider them wonderful small pets. Now that you're sold on a pet rat, here's some rat puns!

Rat puns and funny quotes

Best Puns offered these to cheer you up! We agree!

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1. How did the rat lose its leg?
It went pi-rat-ing.

2. Where do rats go for a tail replacement?
A re-tail store!

3. What do you call a flying mammal that squeaks?
A bat rat!

4. How do you make a rat fly?
Change its first letter to 'B'

5. How was the speech concluded by the rat speaker?
Folks, Rat's all!

6. How do you get a rat to look at the camera?
Say 'Cheese'!

7. The party is never over until the lady rat has sang

8. Who do the ghosts blame for holes in them?
A-gnawing rats!

9. What gets you dirty looks from a rat?
Trying to cross its offspring with a skunk!!

10. Whose broom did the rat threaten to eat?
The mean witch

11. A little rat asked father rat, "What do the human fear that rats don't?" The father replied, "The Zombie apocalypse!" Not understanding, the little rat continued, "What do the zombies fear?" With a smile, the father rat replied, "The Rat Apocalypse!"

12. How does the rat court its mate?
It says to her "We are like cheese and crackers."

13. A Rat Newspaper Headline once read "A-GNAWING RAT LOST ITS FRONT TOOTH" The story simply said by cracking on hard cheese.

14. What does the first lab rat tell the second lab rat?
My scientist is well trained. He runs to bring a snack for me any time I push the buzzer

15. What have you heard about Road Kill?
It's the favorite toy for Halloween in Rat land.

16. One rat asked the other, 'What is the difference between a live human and a skeleton?'
A skeleton has no flesh to chew on!

17. What is white on the outside but furry and gray on the inside?
A rat sandwich.

18. What was the verdict on the rat's Halloween party?
It was smelly and full of dirty rats?

19. What did the honest rat cop say to the dirty rat cop?
You are a rat!

20. What small and furry animal is good at sword fights?
A mouseketeer!

21. What attribute does a rat share with a rusty door?
They both squeak

22. How do you bless a childless rat?
Give her a buck!

23. Why do you oil a rat?
Because it squeaks!

24. Where do rats hide in a cave?

25. What Halloween game is a rat's favourite?
Hide and Squeak!

26. Who has only two rats to himself?
A newbie

27. When do rats breathe?
A rat breathes when it is hungry.

28. What animal has zombie guts, flesh, and blood all over it when it came out?
A rat

29. What did the rat with the broken front teeth say to the camera?
Hard cheese.

30. What gave the bogeyman nightmares?
A mischief of rats!

31. I would have told you an illegal vermin pun, but you would rat me out.

32. How do a rat go in a minefield?
Eek, eek, eek, bang

33. Which gun do rats bring to a fight?
The one that sounds rat-atatata!

34. Why don't rats have a long hair?
It will look silly. They already have a long tail

35. Which place is the best courting ground for rats?
A dirty old pipe.

One bonus!

Which Halloween costume is popular for sale in Las Vegas?
The rat pack

There are definitely some cute rats we found on Instagram. While animal puns are hilarious we really enjoy these rat puns more than the pet pun list we wrote. Rat puns are more creative than some cat and dog puns you always see or read in a Disney film.

Rat jokes are tweeted on social media more often than you may think and these go well beyond 'ratatouille' which is such an overused rat name. Funny rat puns should have a place in an email to friends or colleagues. Perhaps later today you tweet the joke and see what response you get!

This isn't a rat race so take your time and go through all the puns slowly so you don't miss any! if a light bulb goes off and we missed any then please leave them below in the comments. This isn't a 'rat trap' we'd love to hear from you!