25 Sweet and Silly Guinea Pig Names

Your precious little furball needs a name just as special as they are. And because "Brownie" is overrated, here's a list of fun and unique guinea pig names to fit your rodent friend.

If you're like me, your family had a trend going with guinea pig names (mostly food related). We had parents, Carmel and Cocoa, who had babies Snickers, Cookies'n Cream, and Reese's. In case you're wondering, yes, they all had middle names, too. Then, I adopted a guinea pig named Butterscotch, but he looked more like a Gus. To continue with the trending food names, he became Asparagus Butterscotch—Gus Gus for short.

If you're looking for some clever guinea pig names, look no further.

 1. Spike

This is the perfect name for an Abyssinian with especially spiky hair (and was the name of the guinea pig forerunner in my family).

 2. Toupee

Because that's what they sometimes look like. I'm still wondering if there's secretly a guinea pig atop Donald Trump's head.

 3. Crumpet or Jelly Bean

In keeping with the food theme, you can sophisticate your piggle with these names.

4. Beyonce

If your pig is a single lady with sass and class, I've got you covered.

 5. Pancake

I've seen this one floating around the Internet a few times, and I just can't handle it.

 6. Waffle 

Pair this with #5 and start an Instagram account pronto.

 7. Bacon

While you're at it, just go for the full breakfast ensemble for your little buddy.

 8. Penelope, Bailey, Betty, Dottie, or Annie

These are cute and old-fashioned. Any guinea pig lover would approve.

 9. Simon or George

More classic goodies. Let's hear it for the boys.

 10. Piglet

Okay, so it's not that clever. But if you have a tiny little guinea pig with a noteworthy squeak, this name is pretty darn adorable.

 11. Walter or Bob

These guinea pigs sound like they should be wearing business suits on Wall Street.

 12. Winnie

Whether it's a tribute to their squeaking noises or Pooh Bear himself, this name can work for boy and girl piggies.

 13. Fabio

For the Silkie or Peruvian pig with locks that make Garnier-Fructis jealous, have at it with "Fabio."

 14. L'Oreal

If Fabio has a lady friend, try out this name. Because guinea pigs are worthy, too.

 15. Capone

The Scarface, gangster wannabe piggie earns this title.

 16. Guinea-veve

A play on the classic Genevieve, it'll take your friends a few tries to learn this one.

 17. Yoda

Star Wars fans. Enough said.

 18. Biscuit

In case your breakfast clan just keeps on growing.

 19. Hamlet, Juliet, or Cleopatra

If you're a literature fan or a lover of plays on words, try out these names for your pet guinea pig.

 20. Chomper 

This one's pretty satirical because come on now. It's a guinea pig. Pork Chop would also work in this same vein.

 21. Rodney

Because I wrote a story about this little guy and he stole my heart.

22. Buttercup

Great name for any 'Princess Bride' fans, this name is perfect for your little princess of a small pet.

23. Oreo

Sticking with the food theme, this will be a good name for any white and black guinea pig.

24. Peppa

For anyone who has a toddler (or knows anyone with one) will know this name is, of course, from the children's show 'Peppa Pig'.

25. Frodo

A funny guinea pig name for any 'LOTR' fans!

Clearly, there is no lack of creativity when it comes to brainstorming funny names for your tiny furry friend, especially new baby guinea pigs!

Some honorable mentions for us include: Jack, Pebbles, Lily, Ozzy, Hannah, Luke, Cottontail or Cottonball, Archie, Bambi, Tinkerbell, Monty, Creampuff, Porky, Ms. Piggy, or Hamish. Ready to name your new guinea pig?

Remember, when you bring home a new guinea pig, you should spend a day or two with your sweet pea before you come up with name ideas! You may decide your guinea pig looks like a Sunshine, Pickles, Blondie, Miss Piggy, Coconut, Pearl, Luna, Mocha or Toffee! All of these are super cute name ideas. A name may just come out of nowhere and it'll be perfect for your new furball.

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This article was originally published December 12, 2018.

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