Best Hunting Instagram Accounts

The Big List of 50 Instagram Accounts All Hunters Should Follow

Check out these 50 Instagram accounts that every hunter should be following for inspiration in 2018.

With the social media world we live in today, it's almost too easy to encounter the good, the bad, and the ugly, whether we're looking for it or not. Sometimes it's tough to narrow down some of the of the best online content the outdoor industry has to offer.

Below we've listed 50 Instagram accounts, in no particular order, that all hunters should be following. We wanted to highlight these accounts because they largely represent the hunting industry. And thankfully, there's nothing to worry about, because they represent it well.

1. @thehunger_series

Josh and his crew seek to bring folks back to their roots of hunting, focusing on the tastiness that accompanies it. You might find one or two great recipes that Josh and the team has cooked up.

2. @landandlegacy

Adam and Matt are constantly teaching about prime habitat and how to best manage the ground we hunt. They offer tricks for those who hunt the back 40 as well as those with 3,000 acres to work with.

3. @wiredtohunt

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Follow along with Mark Kenyon as he travels on DIY hunts from the Midwest to the West, mainly focusing on hunting whitetails. He is also the host of the Wired To Hunt Podcast.

4. @wospaces

On our own Wide Open Spaces Instagram profile, we try to provide hunters with a diversified way to consume great outdoor content, whether at home or in the field.

5. @theqdma

This non-profit "works to ensure the future of white-tailed deer, wildlife habitat and our hunting heritage."

6. @exodustrailcameras

In addition to quality pictures, you will also discover the quality of their trail camera photos if you give Exodus a follow.

7. @heartlandbowhunter

Heartland Bowhunter is one of the leading production companies in the hunting industry while also producing great content on its Instagram account.

8. @growingdeertv

With Dr. Grant Woods teaching how to manage wildlife and whitetails, this account provides great weekly updates.

9. @meateatertv

Hunting show host and conservationist Steven Rinella travels the world hunting, fishing, and cooking up some of the most mouth-watering recipes. He's a champion of public land access and a student of historical wildlife and outdoor rec disciplines.

10. @druryoutdoors

The Drury team consistently harvests giant deer each year, works to produce several shows on outdoor tv, and just released a new hunting app, DeerCast.

11. @teamtagnbrag

The Giarrizzos and their team are already on the board this year with a nice velvet buck. View more of their hunting endeavors on their account.

12. @thehuntingpublic

Zach Ferenbaugh, Aaron Warbritton, and their talented team travel the county hunting both public and private ground, doing their best to represent the general hunting public.

13. @midwestwhitetailofficial

Bill Winke hunts all around the United States (with a focus on the Midwest, obviously), constantly killing big bucks.

14. @cameronrhanes

Workout phenom and avid elk hunter Cam Hanes takes hunting to the next level, encouraging fitness and expanding your mind as to what an outdoor athlete really is.

15. @4swildlife

As one of the leaders in wildlife nutrition, Advanced Wildlife Solutions cranks out protein products and attractants for deer herd health. Their Instagram account gives lots of cool info and images.

16. @thetrcp

The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership fights for hunters' rights to use public lands as well as for other public uses.

17. @rmef_official

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation aims to protect and preserve elk populations, and introducing them to lands they once inhabited.

18. @randynewberghunter

Host of Fresh Tracks, Randy Newberg has successfully hunted public land elk for a good number of years. He focuses his efforts on public lands and western hunting.

19. @sportsmensnation

The large podcast network, founded by Dan Johnson, releases content focusing on whitetail hunting as well as Western big game hunting.

20. @bowhunting1

From the makers of and Bowhunt or Die, this account is your one-stop-shop for everything bowhunting.

21. @8upnation

Joe Slye and team trek through the eastern United States hunting whitetails and airing episodes on Pursuit Channel.

22. @tethrdnation

With the craze of saddle hunting on the rise, Tethrd is one of the newest saddle companies established in the South.

23. @northamericanwhitetailmag

North American Whitetail is one of the leading magazine publications still in print today, telling stories of some of the biggest whitetails across the continent.

24. @seek1productions

Follow these suburban hunters as they chase mysterious whitetails throughout the city and suburbs of Atlanta.

25. @thehuntingbeast

Started by Dan Infalt, The Hunting Beast Forum is one of the most popular deer hunting forums there is.

26. @realtreeoutdoors

Realtree Outdoors established themselves as one of the biggest brands in the hunting industry decades ago. Their team constantly creates awesome Instagram content for their viewers to enjoy.

27. @officialbonecollector

Michael Waddell shares his adventures from Booger Bottom and beyond. He's easily one of the greatest, most entertaining personalities in the outdoor industry.

28. @jimshockeyofficial

Jim Shockey, and his daughter Eva, traverse the globe chasing animals on every continent. He is one of the few hunters to harvest nearly every legal species, and is a sort of hunting personality godfather.

29. @mossyoak

Another one of the most popular brands in hunting, Mossy Oak delivers great hunting content on their account, especially from the company's home turf of Mississippi.

30. @deeranddeerhunting

If you grew up reading hunting magazines, this is one you probably remember. Deer and Deer Hunting's Instagram account is definitely worth a follow if deer are. your game animal of choice.

31. @deeralliance

The Deer Alliance is a conservation group that seeks to ensure the future of all deer across the United States.

32. @jessdelo7

Jess DeLorenzo strives to capture wildlife and share it on Instagram, and does so magnificently with her supreme outdoor photography.

33. @fieldandstream

Give credit where it's due; Field & Stream is still the most recognizable publication covering outdoor content. They also share quality content on their Instagram account.

34. @robertcobucci

To find picturesque images of whitetails, look no further. Robert takes some of the greatest images of whitetails in their natural habitat.

35. @thegivenrighttv

If you'll never apologize for your given right to hunt, then follow along with Kenneth Lancaster and Mark Heck as they venture far and wide for wild game.

36. @hunterramaps

This account gives you everything you need to know about mapping your hunt with help from founder Ben Harshyne.

37. @outdoorchanneltv

If you're not already familiar with Outdoor Channel, it's Instagram account will be a good introduction.

38. @solohntr

This account provides lots of content focused on hunting out west with Tim Burnett, and zooms in on solo, DIY strategies.

39. @timwells_slockmaster

Tim Wells is the spear hunting king, and takes part in a lot of other forms of primitive hunting.

40. @sportsmanchannel

Sportsman Channel is one of the big guns in outdoor television, with everything from shooting, hunting, and fishing.

41. @mitchellpayment

This Canadian phenom downs more big game with his bow than most young men his age. From moose to mule deer to whitetails, Payment gets it done, and shares photos along the way.

42. @sitkagear

This outdoor clothing company is changing the game for hunters across the U.S. From waterfowl to whitetail hunting, they have what you need, and make it look real nice on Instagram.

43. @scentcrusher

With the latest technology in ozone, Scent Crusher provides a good number of products that help to reduce hunters' scent in the field.

44. @pursuitchannel

Pursuit Channel is yet another one of the leading television channels, giving us hunting content for all things hunting and fishing.

45. @lacrossefootwear

Whether you're working on the farm or hunting in the Rockies, LaCrosse has boots for the job and the photos to persuade you.

46. @ozonicshunting

Ozonics has been in the hunting industry a long time, applying ozone to eliminating scent as much as possible through its ozone products.

47. @thelindseyway

David and Jeff Lindsey travel from Georgia to Iowa and many places in between to hunt whitetails. They also have a show that airs on Sportsman Channel.

48. @the_tinemen

Tinemen consistently produces original content all about chasing whitetails in the fall.

49. @primos_hunting

Built on success in turkey hunting and call making, Primos has made themselves known as a great Instagram follow alongside their trusted products and awesome TV show.

50. @officialbuckcommander

With hunters like Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and Willie Robertson, this account is sure to bring you lots of laughs.

I would be remiss if I didn't give my account, @whitetailguru, a shameless plug. Don't worry, I didn't include it in the 50, but we offer lots of content focused on hunting in the South. Check itout after you've followed these other accounts.

As a reminder, these hunting Instagram accounts are not listed in any particular order. If you want to discover even more awesome hunting Instagram accounts, click here.

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