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Best DIY Hunting Blinds That Will Hide You for a Fraction of the Cost of a New One

Check out the best DIY hunting blinds you can possibly make. 

Whether you're renovating a house, fixing up a car, or building a new hunting blind, "do-it-yourself" is the way to go.

That's why we compiled some of the best DIY deer hunting blinds for you to try this fall.

This offers a more affordable way to hunt, leaving you with extra disposable income for other hunting gear or projects that are a higher priority.

Elevated Deer Stand

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This is one example of a DIY elevated hunting blind. It's similar to a tree stand, but does offer you enhanced coverage with walls all the the way around. You can even modify windows if you prefer bowhunting over rifle hunting.

You can also modify the stilts or legs if you want the blind higher or lower. At a minimum, I would use 4x4s as the legs. However, you may even want something sturdier than that. We built a blind one year with old telephone poles that were cut in half. Needless to say, they weren't going anywhere in high winds.

It all depends on your preference and where you are hunting.

All Natural DIY Ground Blind

If you're an avid hunter and wanting a more realistic look and feel, this ground blind is a perfect example. This link offers detailed plans and a material list for building a blind similar to this one.

All you'll need is a few tools for trimming shrubs and branches. In fact, this could pay large dividends if you're in an area where deer are good at picking out hunters in trees.

Free Standing Deer Blind

I personally have a stand almost exactly like this one. The only difference is that I have it built on a rock solid pallet that allows me to move the DIY deer blind whenever I choose with the help of a tractor. I luckily have a fork lift attachment for the tractor, and it makes it really easy.

These stands are a great option to place almost anywhere, especially if there aren't many trees around to hang a ladder stand. In many cases, simple box blinds like these can be built in a weekend.

Hay Bale Blind

While you could go out and purchase one of these, building one will end up being a lot less expensive. The side walls are made of plywood and the frame is built out of chicken wire.

The hay bale deer blind plans are here, as well as the materials list. This is perfect for hunting field edges or crop fields, along with many other hunting locations that suit your scenario. They are especially great for areas where elevated blinds stand out like a sore thumb.

Whether you're a beginner builder or an expert craftsman, the best DIY hunting blinds are doable for just about anyone. Read the instructions carefully, and by all means do not cut corners.

Remember, you're already saving money by doing it yourself.

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