Challenge Yourself and Try to Find These 10 Hidden Copperheads and Rattlesnakes

Hopefully, you can find these hidden copperheads and rattlesnakes before they find you! 

If you spend time outdoors, odds are you've crossed paths with a few hidden copperhead snakes or rattlesnakes and may not have even known it.

The reason for this is venomous snakes blend into their surroundings better than almost any other animal. Down in Texas, over in Georgia, and plenty of other American states have to deal with them, and they'd better be good at spotting them. Rock outcroppings make great snake dens, but a venomous bite is never a good thing.

Don't believe me? Just check out these pictures below and see if you can find a few of these snakes before you'd step on them.

1. Where's the copperhead?

Sorry for the bad joke. It's a snake... and it just bit you.

*Here's your hint: it's right in the middle.

2. Never even saw it.

Good luck if you can't find this snake.

*Here's your hint: it's on the rock.

3. It's no wonder people get bit.

Hopefully there aren't a bunch of morels growing around there!

*Here's your hint: bottom right.

4. Okay... good luck!

This one might give you a headache.

*Here's your hint: right in the middle.

5. I'm just staying out of the woods.

It's amazing how these copperheads just sort of blend in.

*Here's a hint: look center-low.

6. There really is a rattlesnake in this picture.

Okay, granted, this is a Florida pygmy, but it's still a rattlesnake. It's also still very hard to see.

*Here's your hint: look center-right.

7. How's this for "hiding in plain sight"?

This should be an easy one.

*Here's your hint: it's right in the middle.

8. Just chillin' in the sun...

There's a good chance you'd just walk right on by.

*Here's your hint: it's under a rock in the middle.

9. You are on the right path.

hidden copperheads

This copperhead is just kicking it right on a walking path. Good place for it, I guess.

*Here's your hint: towards the bottom.

10. Wow. And I give up.

hidden copperheads

This is about the best hiding place for a copperhead.

*Here's your hint: bottom left.