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Can You Spot the Deer in These 10 Photos?

Are you feeling confident? Let’s see how keen your hunting eyes are.

Earth To Eats

Give yourself five seconds. If you can’t find the deer in five seconds or less, consider that animal gone.

Alright, scroll through these ten deer pictures and see how quickly you can find them! Good luck!

Five seconds or less. I think you got this

The Jump

I felt this was one of the easier ones. What about you?

Can you find the doe?


Five seconds! Go!

Classic last light situation

The Jump

Can you find the last light buck? He’s there.

This one should be easy

Asheville Cats 

Pretty common hiding spot. Right where you can’t get a clear shot.

This is the kind of doe you don’t see until it is running away

WiseAcre Gardens 

It is there. I told you this was more difficult!

Here’s a classic deer hunting scene

The Jump

Can you find this doe before the sun goes down?

This one took me a while


No really. I was frustrated.

Here’s a layup

The Jump

Hopefully you weren’t playing with your cellphone when this one walked by.

Sure, the one is real easy…

Turn Up The Mic

But how many other deer do you see in the picture?

Last one. Can you find the deer?

Save Kimber Park

This one took me a second too, but when once you see it, it’s like a sore thumb.

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Can You Spot the Deer in These 10 Photos?