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9 Best Deer Selfies of All Time [VIDEO]


In a selfie-crazed world, it’s beginning to feel like deer are following suit. 

Is it just me or does it seem like deer are joining the selfie epidemic? I think these nine photos may convince you.

Deer can be humorous animals and thanks to trail cameras and outdoor photographers, we get to see them make funny selfie-esque faces.

1. #Selfie with the food plot. Can’t wait to chow down.

deer selfie 2
Whitetail Deer Management and Hunting

2. This deer seems extra excited to take a selfie.

selfie deer 1
Chata About

3. Classic tongue-out selfie.

Jake Hofer

4. When a deer accidentally opens the front camera on Snapchat.

new if deer had snapchat

5. #Monday #Workgrind #IsIt5O’clockYet

ruh roh
Flickr/Kanishka Ghosh

6. If a deer was your BFF on Snapchat…

snapchat compiled

7. Oh yeah, post that one.

deer selfie
Animal FactBook

8. It seems elk like taking selfies as much as people.

dude deer selfie

9. #Snowing #LatenightSelfie

OCP Outdoors

Well maybe deer aren’t too involved in the selfie world, but they sure do make some funny faces. Heck, some even tagged along and posed for the camera.

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9 Best Deer Selfies of All Time [VIDEO]