Droptine Spirits
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David Eder of Bowhunting Outlet Tells Us About His New Outdoorsmen's Liquor Company, Droptine Spirits

What Droptine Spirits has in the works, you want in on. 

David Eder has been around the hunting scene for a while (about 25 years, to be exact). He has worked as a writer for Outdoor Life, the editor for Bowhunting Magazine, founder of eders.com and Bowhunting Outlet, the largest online retailer of archery and bowhunting equipment in the world. Now, he is c0-founding Droptine Spirits. Like all other facets of Eder's life, Droptine is all about hunting and the outdoors. 

Recently, David and I caught up over an e-mail chat about this new adventure. To say it sounds interesting is one of the bigger understatements in all of the liquor game. However, a lot of work went into Droptine's two flagship liquors, as well as a lot of trial and error.

Droptine Spirits

"The idea was born almost three years ago when my brother/partner and I were talking about what foods deer like the most," Eder wrote. "We were saying corn, apples and persimmon were among their favorites, and we also noted that those combinations sounded like an amazing drink...well, three years later we are launching what we think is the best tasting moonshine in the world, and also one of the smoothest and sweetest vodkas ever made."

The popularity of this Everclear based moonshine recipe is through the roof, as you probably already know. So, just imagine how good a real moonshine would turn out with similar qualities? If you are are like me, you are ready to give this a try.

Droptine Spirits

To break this down a little more, Eder explained exactly what you can expect with both the moonshine and vodka flavors.

Our Droptine Moonshine is basically what we think a deer would drink if it could. It is Corn whiskey infused with real persimmon and apples... and it's delicious. The vodka is a pure corn vodka that is so sweet and smooth you won't believe it.

Droptine Spirits aims to launch their persimmon and apple moonshine, along with their pure corn vodka, on April 13, 2017. The moonshine will retail at $44.99 and the vodka at $36.99. There will be discounts for quantity purchases.

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