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Where to Stay in 10 Top Fly Fishing Towns Across America

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Land and See

Looking for some upper class places to stay that will impress your significant other on a fishing trip? Here you go! 

Recently, my wife decided she is going to be traveling with me on my fishing trips. Largely, it's due to the fact that I work in the fishing industry, and our son will be making these trips with me very soon. As you might guess, she doesn't want to be left out. Personally, I think this is awesome and a dream come true. However, one thing I've quickly discovered is that my choices on where to stay is going to have to be upgraded. Now, when looking for places to stay on a fishing trip, a pull off on the side on the road just isn't good enough.

With that in mind, our bargain is simple. We can fish wherever I want, but she gets to pick the places to stay. If your other half is like mine, then you know that last part comes with a price. Very literally. However, after planning out our year, it's not as bad as you might think! If you are considering making this same bargain with your wife or husband, then a few of these places might work. Besides, what's a few extra bones when you get to fish dream rivers with your loved ones?

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

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True West Magazine

When you want to fly fish Colorado, Glenwood Springs is at the center of a lot. You are within a quick drive to the Blue, Dream, and right on the Colorado and Roaring Fork. It just doesn't get much better. When there, stay at the Hotel Colorado. For about $100 a night, you have a place you will never forget when you aren't on the water.

Casper, Wyoming

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Flying into Casper gives you some of the best fly fishing in the country. Fishing the Miracle Mile is just flat out incredible. However, other than just standard hotels, there isn't much around there. There's where the Ramkota comes into focus. Again, for about $100 a night, you are in for an experience both on the water and off.

Monterville, West Virginia

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WV Living

The Elk Springs Resort, located just outside of Monterville on the banks of the Elk River, is one of my favorite places to stay. A full service bar and restaurant is right on the property and bug hatches rival some the best you are going to see anywhere in the world. Depending on the time of year and season, you can find a room starting in the $70's to the middle $100's. There is always something to do here.

Lew Beach, New York

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Beaverkill Valley Inn

Want to get away to something rustic with incredible fishing where US fly fishing began? The Beaverkill Valley Inn is hard to beat. This bed and breakfast offers everything a 5-star resort would have but ran by down-home folks with a personal touch. The Inn offers lodging and meal plans that makes it easy to relax in the mountains when the fishing is done. For a weekend stay, there is a two night minimum. Running $445 for everything isn't cheap. However, if you get to fish the Catskills with your spouse, it's worth it.

Bozeman, Montana

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Gallatin River Lodge

Fly fishing the Bozeman area of Montana is a dream trip for many fly fishermen all over the world. When headed in that direction to to fish the Yellowstone, Madison, or Gallatin rivers, staying at the Gallatin River Lodge will make your trip. Surprise your wife or husband with a romance package and make this trip a memory you will want to repeat. Lodging starts at $170 a night, but with an on site chef and the environment, this place is special.

Grayling, Michigan

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The Hanson House, located right in the middle of Grayling and minutes from the Au Sable, will give you a relaxing and memorable place to stay. Bed and breakfasts are quickly becoming a go-to option when traveling with the family for a variety of reasons and the Hanson House ranks up there pretty high. Starting at only $50 per night, depending on the room, it's hard to screw this one up.

Asheville, North Carolina

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Grand Bohemian

If you want to fish the Appalachian mountains for native brook trout and want to do it up, stay at the Grand Bohemian. You are a short drive to world class trout waters but your significant other will be spoiled beyond their imagination if they don't want to fish. You may be the only person walking around in waders ordering a glass of bourbon, but for $250 a night, you should be able to wear whatever you want while sipping fresh made moonshine.

Miami, Florida

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The Mutiny

Starting around $150 a night, a coastal hotel in Miami is a steal. The Mutiny, right on Biscayne Bay, offers everything Miami has to offer. Not only that, it also offers you instant access to bonefish, tarpon, permit, redfish, snook, and a variety of other saltwater fish to chase with a fly rod. Everything is expensive in Miami, but the Mutiny, isn't so bad.

Provo, Utah

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Hines Mansion

Staying in Provo is a fly fisherman's haven. An abundance of rivers are all in near proximity, but none closer than the Provo river. Staying anywhere in Provo is nice, but staying at the Hines Mansion might be the best. You are going to drop some coin here, but fishing the provo and a few other rivers in the area is a nice trade off if the opportunity can allow. Coming in at $165 a night, there are more expensive places in the area, but none are going to be better.

Cotter, Arkansas

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White River Inn

If you dream of catching 20-pound browns and 30-inch rainbows, then you need to head to the White river outside of Cotter, Arkansas. Finding some quality places to stay may be a challenge, but when you get there, check into the White River Inn, a luxury bed and breakfast that caters specifically to fly fishermen. Registering in at $275.00 to $375.00 nightly, there are cheaper options, but nothing that will give you this experience. 


Where to Stay in 10 Top Fly Fishing Towns Across America