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10 Decked-Out Jon Boats You'll Want for Yourself

decked out jon boat

These decked-out jon boats might make a bass boat guy jealous. 

Fishing season is upon us! If you haven't already noticed, ice is melting everywhere and the fish are going to start biting.

Hopefully, you have a nice boat to get out on the water and get after it. However, if you don't, perhaps a minimal investment in a jon boat might be in order. Now, before you give us some grief about how limited a jon boat can be, get a load of these decked out jon boats and just tell us you don't think they are awesome.

We are pretty sure the construction of these boats wasn't easy. However, a little Redneck ingenuity can go a long way.

10. Fishing in style

decked out jon boat

For the number 10 decked out jon boat on our list, you can already see where this is going. It looks like an easy enough design to us. Pretty cool, no doubt.

9. Fully decked out

decked out jon boat
Georgia Outdoor Network

If you fish a place that is an electric motor-only body of water, you are in luck. With this boat, plan to fish in comfort all day long.

8. Own the boat launch

decked out jon boat

Ranger? Titan? Lund? can keep them. Give me this custom decked out jon boat and let me go.

7. Now this is an idea!

decked out jon boat

You got to have a place for your feet! Also, who knows, if you want to stand to make that extra long cast, you at least have a nice firm platform to plant your feet!

6. Keep the carpet

decked out jon boat

Whoever said you had to have carpet to make a true decked out jon boat obviously didn't have much of an imagination.

5. Jon boat storage?

decked out jon boat

When most people try to put something in storage in a jon boat, they put it in a bucket or a cooler. Not anymore with this design!

4. Extra custom!

decked out jon boat
Bass Resource

Wait...what? You can even sink a foot pedal into the custom built jon boat deck for a sleek design? You betcha.

3. Small lake? No problem.

decked out jon boats

A lot of jon boats are small. There's no reason to not still fish in comfort and style. Just check out this design and ask if yourself if you could do it too.

2. Super flat bottom

decked out jon boat

If you are fishing skinny water, this super flat bottom boat will get the job done in a snap. All that deck space gives you plenty of room to walk around as well.

1. Bass catching machine

decked out jon boat

Who wouldn't want to go fishing out of this thing? No matter who you are, this boat is cool.

So what do you think? Do you have the skills to take some garage sale special and turn it into a bass catching machine like you just saw? For a minimal amount of money, you could be fishing in style in no time.


10 Decked-Out Jon Boats You'll Want for Yourself