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Darcizzle Shows Us What a Florida Keys Fishing Rampage Looks Like

Florida keys fishing

Hopefully if you go on a Florida Keys fishing trip, it works out like this. 

Darcie Arahill, otherwise known to her thousands of social media followers as Darcizzle, sure knows how to fish.

Just like on this recent Florida Keys fishing trip, she put a hurtin' on a variety of saltwater sportfish. Catching snapper, kingfish, grouper, African pompano, and even a few more, this is what a saltwater fishing show should be. 

Now that is what you think about when you go fishing in the Florida Keys! Arahill has come a long way over the past couple of years. She's gone from being a student, to working a nine-to-five full time job, to now working in the fishing industry full time. It's been great to see her grow as a sportfisherman the way she has, even though she is just getting started.

Seeing videos like the above only goes to show what you can do when you have a passion and the drive to make it happen.

You better stay tuned to what Darcizzle has on the horizon. We have a feeling her ceiling is sky high and her momentum is definitely on the upswing.


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Darcizzle Shows Us What a Florida Keys Fishing Rampage Looks Like