bob mehsikomer
Image via Bob Mehsikomer on YouTube

Anglers, Get Excited for This Awesome Live Fishing Show Coming Soon!

This is the first time any of us will see outdoor programming like this. 

Bob Mehsikomer is about as legit as they get when it comes to fishing. To his credit, he has over 100, 50-inch muskies caught on film. That alone is insane. He has created a career of being a fishing host on Simply Fishing, and an outdoors writer for more magazines than we can count. However, all of this has lead him to starting something that the outdoors world has never seen before.


Enter FishnStixTV. This new style of outdoors programming is 100% interactive and live as it happens. The debut show will be featuring Bob Mehsikomer himself hosting and answering viewer questions and comments regarding anything fishing. It will literally be an open book of fishing knowledge on display using Facebook Live as the platform.

The first episode is set to air April 5th at 7:30pm, followed by the different live shows on the 12th, 19th, and 25th. Topics will include guides, gear, lodges, how-to's, understanding lake maps, specific bodies of water, to just about anything viewers want to ask. 

We've seen great strides in live outdoors programming with the Bassmaster Classic coverage recently. Now, it seems Mehsikomer is set on taking it to another level. Who knows, perhaps we will get to experience watching the first 50-inch muskie caught on air, live, as it happens.

Now, that would be something to see. Mehsikomer is the man the to do it.