sturgeon ice fishing

Can You Believe This Sturgeon Was Actually Caught Ice Fishing?

Did you even know sturgeon ice fishing was a thing? 

Apparently, you can catch pretty big sturgeon through the ice. There's not a whole lot of information about this video. As a matter of fact, at the time this article was written, it only had 10 views. However, we all have a feeling there are going to be a lot more views than that because sturgeon ice fishing looks crazy!

Just check out the size of this estimated 60-inch sturgeon.

Remember this video the next time your buddies get back from ice fishing and tell you all about those four or five slab crappies they caught. Seriously, if you can go sturgeon ice fishing, you probably should. We can only imagine how long a fight like that has to last, especially pulling it straight up through a hole.

If you are one of those rare sturgeon ice fishermen around the upper midwest, please share some info! It looks pretty dang crazy to us!