leopard redfish
Louisiana Sportsman

Rare Leopard Redfish Caught in Louisiana

Thousands of reds are caught every year, but a leopard redfish is rare indeed. 

Capt. Eddie Berthelot Jr. is a fishing guide out of Golden Meadow and Grand Isle, Louisiana. As it was reported, it's fair to say he has caught thousands of redfish.

However, Berthelot Jr. caught a red he had never seen before just the other day. As you can see, this leopard redfish is absolutely stunning, and quite possibly just a genetic freak. 

"When I set the hook on him, he jumped about halfway out the water and I almost threw up because I was so excited," said Berthelot in an interview. "I've been waiting for a good redfish mount forever, and when I set the hook I knew it was a mount—that's how much of his body came out the water."

Weighing in at an estimated 9 pounds and measuring to 28.5 inches, the size wasn't what made this fish a trophy. After taking the fish to a local taxidermist, they counted 670 spots total. There were 342 on side and 328 on the other.

To commemorate this incredibly colored fish, Berthelot Jr is going to get several replicas made, as well as the skin mount.

We can only guess that several shops in the area are going to want this fish on their wall.