smallmouth buffalo

Lady Bowfisher Nails Alabama Record Smallmouth Buffalo

When hunted by bow, the buffalo is a formidable opponent. 

If the ATA show in Indianapolis, Indiana, this year was any indication, bowfishing is getting huge. Take for example this recent story out of Alabama. Nicki Greene, a recently converted bow fisherman by her boyfriend, stuck an arrow into the largest smallmouth buffalo the state has ever seen. The details behind this fish are pretty exciting. 

"As we were coming back in, that fish swam right across the side of the boat that Nicki was on," said Adam Bearden, Nicki's boyfriend in an interview. "Nicki shot. Eric Pendergrass (a friend) was with us that night and he shot about same time. Nicki's arrow hit first and then his hit. We had two arrows in the fish back-to-back. They were fighting the fish and got it close enough for me to shoot the backup shot. You try to get as many arrows in the fish as possible because the arrows can pull out. If the fish gets down in the grass, you can't tell where the fish is. If the line gets caught in the grass, it can pull the arrow out."

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The trio was fishing on an unnamed body of water when this record was taken. Regardless, Green's giant smallmouth buffalo weighed in at 70.55 pounds.

For now, according to the Bowfishing Association of America, this is the new Alabama record, and will probably stand for a long time to come.