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Take a Look at This Rare Piebald Deer Harvested in Alabama

rare piebald deer

The rare piebald deer harvested by an Alabama hunter is an incredible sight.

Rare piebald deer make up under two percent of the deer population. Mature piebald bucks, even less.

Joshua Williams of Washington County claimed it appeared to be a ghost walking through the woods at first.

“I thought it was a ghost at first,” Williams said. “I just watched it and watched it. It got, like, 75 yards on me. I got a good shot and went right for the shoulder. It dropped on the spot.”

President Daryl Bell of the local Quality Deer Management Association chapter says piebald deer make up less than two percent of the population.

“That’s very rare. When people do see a piebald deer, it is so rare that people want to shoot it as quickly as they can so they have proof. They usually shoot the deer before they get that size,” Bell said.

Williams told WKRG that people offered him “good money” for the rare deer, but that he’d rather get a full body mount ordered to place in his kitchen.

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Take a Look at This Rare Piebald Deer Harvested in Alabama