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Here's What We'd Call 'Long Distance' Bowfishing

long distance bowfishing

This fish kill with a bow will absolutely blow your mind!

It certainly seems unfathomable to watch, but this remarkable clip doesn't smell of smoke or mirrors. What we do see is a seemingly impossible shot with a bow, clean into a fish, from a ridiculous distance. Yes, this is one video you need to see in order to believe.

Bowfishing has grown in popularity over the years, and who can blame those that love the sport. It's thrilling, challenging, and when you think about it, is basically hunting for fish. Can't go wrong with that combination.

Have a look at this video. Just be prepared to pick your jaw up off the floor:

Was that incredible or what? Keep in mind, being as elevated as the shooter was, factoring in trajectory, wind, and a whole host of other complications all come into play. How he hit his mark is anyone's guess. Pure luck perhaps?

What can you possibly do for an encore after making a shot like that? Walk on water is our only guess.


Here's What We'd Call 'Long Distance' Bowfishing