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6 Weird Things Gun Enthusiasts Do That No One Else Understands

weird things gun enthusiasts
Image via Flickr/Nrares

We gun enthusiasts can be secretive about the weird things we do, but today's your lucky day, because we're just going to be honest and tell you about some of them.

There are most definitely some wierd things gun enthusiasts do. We don't deny it; we embrace it. Gun enthusiasts all around the world wake up and think about guns, in some way, shape, or form, every day. Today, we're going to share a few of those eccentricties with you in hope that you'll understand us just a little bit better.

1. Finding ways to turn every conversation into a gun conversation

Sometimes, gun enthusiasts can cleverly introduce their favorite topic without anyone noticing the change. Other times, it's abrupt or even flippant. The main thing is, guns will always come up in a conversation with a true gun enthusiast. No matter how much you fight it, their will is probably going to be stronger than yours, so just give in and ask them about their new gun.

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2. Being "creative" with funds in order to buy more guns

Speaking of new guns, a real gun enthusiast almost always has one. Even if they just had a new gun to show you last week, chances are high that they have another new one this week. It's actually amazing to watch some gun enthusiasts work as they buy, sell, trade, and barter services for different guns, just to get a chance to own them even for a short period of time. 

3. Turning any event into a shooting event.

weird things gun enthusiasts
Image via Flickr/Jason Morrison

Invite your gun enthusiast friends over for dinner or a cookout, next thing you know everyone will be out back letting each other test out their newest acquisitions. You'll never see a Christmas or Thanksgiving gathering at a gun enthusiast family's house without at least a few shooting competitions. It's just part of having a get-together.

4. Having a love/hate relationship with television and movies

Movies and television shows are great for gun enthusiasts, because you have a chance to scour the screen looking for guns, and then you can test yourself and see how quickly you can identify the weapon on the screen. But, in a bit of a paradox, the screen is also agonizing for a gun enthusiast due to the many "liberties" Hollywood takes. It's enough to have a gun enthusiast infuriated in no time

5. There's nothing more relaxing than cleaning your guns

The smell of gun oil, the shine of the clean barrel, the ability to look down that barrel and see nothing except maybe the rifling and the light at the end of the tunnel is almost cathardic. There's no better feeling than cleaning a gun and knowing that your pride and joy is clean and protected.

6. There's nothing better than the smell of gunpowder in the morning, period

weird things gun enthusiasts
Image via Flickr/Bierlos

The smell of gunpowder is good for the soul, and whether it's first thing in the morning, or any other time during the day, it's almost always a welcome smell for any gun enthusiast. It's just a reassuring sign that all is right with the world, for at least a short time. 

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6 Weird Things Gun Enthusiasts Do That No One Else Understands