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Bowfishing an Armadillo (That's Right, Bowfishing)

Bowfishing an armadillo is one way to get rid of this pest.

You wouldn't normally think bowfishing an armadillo is the best way to get rid of these creatures, but it works. Watch this video and see just how well these guys help to control the population of these pests with a bowfishing apparatus.

According to the guys in the video, armadillos are pests where this was filmed, and these guys were doing a service to the environment by killing it.

Did you see the arrow pierce through the armadillo's armor? It was no match for this bowfishing setup.

Although they were out looking for gar, they ended up bowfishing an armadillo. Keep in mind the hunting regulations in your area before going on a hunting trip!


Bowfishing an Armadillo (That's Right, Bowfishing)