costa rican rainbow trout
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This Video Just Put Fly Fishing for Costa Rican Rainbow Trout On the Map!

For the past few months images of these wild Costa Rican rainbow trout have been filling my dreams!

I have been traveling around Costa Rica for a while now and have been blessed with shots at some amazing fish.

Monster tarpon, roosterfish, sailfish, tuna, jacks, snook, and snapper are common saltwater species here, and they attract millions of dollars in tourism each and every year. However, the one fish that nobody expects to fish for here is the Costa Rican rainbow trout. Thats right, you heard me correctly.

This is literally the first time that these fish have been documented in a video like this. I feel humbled as an angler to have had the opportunity to locate and photograph these fish!

Watch the video below to see just how awesome chasing these fish can be!

These fish were stocked decades ago in some of the high mountain streams and have since spread to other smaller rivers in the higher elevations. Virtually no information about these fish exists online, so tapping into this fishery is pretty tough work.

costa rican rainbow trout

Costa Rican Trout Stream, Photo by: Backwater Fly Fishing

The forest in this area is extremely thick and the creek is packed with large slippery rocks and fallen timber. As if the landscape in this particular creek isn't bad enough, the canopy extends down with vines and tree limbs that make executing a successful backcast extremely difficult.

In this most recent video I had the opportunity to fish with the Walton Rods N-7 Series fly rod. This small water rod is perfect for these tight scenarios when casting room is at a minimum.

costa rican rainbow trout

Costa Rican Rainbow Trout, Photo by: Backwater Fly Fishing

Walton Rods is a new company that will be pushing the limits to provide an extremely high quality rod at an affordable price. Best of all, they are made right here in the USA.

To learn more about Walton Rods and what they have to offer visit their website

Another awesome thing about fishing these areas is the wildlife. Hummingbirds, parrots, and other exotic bird species inhabit these areas in large numbers and often shoot right past you while you are casting. Monkeys and other animals can be heard sounding off in through the canopy.

I was lucky enough while shooting this video to run into a wild tapir in the forest. This is the largest land animal in Central America and can grow up to 550 pounds. It was truly a wonderful experience to see and photograph this amazing animal!

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Keep you hearts right, and your lines tight!

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